Chef Gunn's passion for food came about in a unique way.  Though she had envisioned herself in the advertising world, graduating magnum cum laude from Loyola University Chicago with a degree in Advertising and PR, Chelsea started dreaming of random food items – everything from mushrooms and radishes to barley and flour. She had to get out of bed and cook something in order to get back to sleep. In a dorm, her roommates would wake to find strange, yet yummy, creations. From that point on Chelsea started buying textbooks and going to free seminars, learning everything she could about food.

Accepted at the original Le Cordon Bleu in Paris in September 2012, she began her studies for the Grand Diplome, the achievement of the two highest Cuisine and Pastry diplomas offered. She graduated in the top 5 in her class in June of 2013. The founding culinary school and a current world leader in the gastronomic education sphere, Le Cordon Bleu has produced many famous graduates, including Dione Lucas, Julia Child, Nancy Silverton, Nathalie Dupree, Giada De Laurentiis, Gaston Acurio and Ming Tsai. The instructors are not only some of the finest Chefs, but also have resumes filled with leadership at Michelin-starred restaurants. Learning from and working side-by-side with these inspirational Chefs taught Chef Gunn the discipline, attention to detail, and technique required by the best Chefs in the world.

The only thing Chelsea loves as much as cooking is traveling. Being lucky enough to take mother-daughter trips every year since she was 9, Chelsea traveled all over the U.S., with a huge affinity towards Chicago and New York City. These special trips also included time in Italy and Spain, and her year studying at Le Cordon Bleu allowed her to travel around every region of France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, and The Netherlands. Traveling to multiple countries exposed Chelsea to new cooking styles and flavors, many of which she has brought into her repertoire, and continues to create fascinating new menus with.| (615) 582 - 1698 | Nashville, TN

Photo provided by Brash Coffee