Wine, cheese, and chocolate - what's not to love? In an education-packed class, Chef Gunn walks you through proper tasting techniques and pairing guidelines to prepare you for a culinary roller coaster. Depending on the size of your party, this in-home experience will take you through 3-4 artfully crafted pairings. As no two pairing parties are the same, treat yourself and others to this experience multiple times. These parties are great to give as gifts!

But what about the cheese and chocolate, you say? Hard to believe, but they are even better than the wine. Hand crafted by Chef Gunn herself, these artisan truffles are customized for each party, drawing out the subtle notes in the wine and cheeses. When you round out your palate with a range of imported and local cheeses that have a variety of textures and smells, you are left with a full sensory experience at the end of each pairing party.| (615) 582 - 1698 | Nashville, TN

Photo provided by Brash Coffee